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How To Use Rolling Papers From a Dispensary in Miami, FL

If you’re new to smoking cannabis, you may be wondering what precisely rolling papers are and how to use them properly. After all, the top-shelf strains from your chosen dispensary in Miami, FL deserve the best delivery possible, and that’s where rolling papers come in.

What are Rolling Papers and What are the Different Types?

In a nutshell, rolling papers are thin sheets of paper used to roll tobacco, cannabis, or a mixture of the two. Here’s a closer look at some of the different types of rolling papers that you can use for what you buy in a dispensary in Miami, FL:


Rolling papers can be made from different materials, including rice, flax, and wood pulp. The material of your rolling paper is crucial because it can affect the taste of your smoke. Here’s how they differ:

  • Rice – Paper made out of rice is the thinnest rolling paper. It’s also the strongest type of paper, so it can be hard to roll if you’re inexperienced.
  • Flax – Flax papers are made out of flaxseed, so they’re completely natural. They’re thin and have good airflow, making them easy to roll.
  • Wood Pulp – Wood pulp papers are made from wood fibers and are the most common type of rolling paper since the production is cheap.


White, brown, and black are the standard colors that rolling papers come in, but other colors are available, such as pink or gold-coated papers. Try to avoid pure white rolling papers since they’re bleached and may contain harmful chemicals. Instead, choose raw, unbleached papers made from natural materials.


From single wide to king, there are all sorts of sizes when it comes to rolling papers. The size you choose will depend on how much cannabis you want to use, affecting the overall smoking experience.


Rolling papers come in various shapes, such as pouches, pre-rolled cones, cut corners, and paper rolls. Here’s how they differ:

  • Pouches – If you’re new to joint rolling, pouches are a great option since they’re easy to use. Simply drop your cannabis into the pouch and roll it up.
  • Pre-Rolled Cones – These are perfect for people who haven’t mastered the art of rolling joints yet. Just pack your bud into the cone, and you’re good to go.
  • Cut Corners – These papers have one corner that’s cut, making it easy to find the gum to roll your joint quickly.
  • Paper Rolls –  These are regular rolling papers that come in a roll. They’re the most versatile type of paper since you can cut them to any size.


If you want to add a bit of flavor to your joint, blunt, or spliff, you can find flavored rolling papers. Some of the most popular flavors include mint, cherry, and chocolate, but you can find almost any flavor profile.

dispensary in miami fl

How to Choose the Best Rolling Paper from your local dispensary in Miami FL

You can choose the best rolling paper for your needs by considering all the factors above. If you’re new to joint rolling, starting with a pre-rolled cone or a pouch might be your best bet. After all, you won’t want top-notch flower from your chosen dispensary in Miami, FL to go to waste.

However, once you get the hang of it, you can move on to regular rolling papers. You’ll also have the freedom to experiment with different materials, sizes, and shapes to find the perfect rolling paper for you. But until then, stick to the basics.

How to Use Rolling Papers for Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

The paper quality won’t mean anything if you don’t know how to use it properly. Here are some tips on how to use rolling papers for joints, blunts, and spliffs:

Tip #1: Use a grinder

If you want to roll a joint, blunt, or spliff, you first need to grind your cannabis. This will make it easier to roll and give you a better smoking experience because the ground cannabis will burn evenly.

Tip #2: Choose the right size

The size of your rolling paper will determine how much cannabis you can put in your joint, blunt, or spliff. If you want a smaller smoke, go for a single wide paper. But if you want a larger smoke, choose a king-sized paper.

Tip #3: Roll it tight

Once you’ve chosen your paper and ground your cannabis, it’s time to start rolling. Make sure you roll it tightly, which you can do by gently moving the paper with the ground weed back and forth between your fingers to create a cylindrical shape.

Tip #4: Seal it with a lick

Once you’ve rolled your joint, blunt, or spliff, it’s time to seal it. The best way to activate the glue strip is with a lick of water or saliva.

Tip #5: Twist the end

After you’ve sealed your joint, blunt, or spliff, it’s time to twist the end. This will help keep all the weed inside and make it easier to smoke.

Alternatives Rolling Papers You Should Consider from you local dispensary in Miami FL

Aside from the traditional rolling papers made from paper, there are other materials you can use to roll your joint, blunt, or spliff. Here are some of the most popular rolling paper alternatives:

  • Hemp – Hemp papers are thin and easy to use, making them a good choice for beginners.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo papers are thicker than hemp papers, which means they’re better for people who have some experience with rolling.
  • All-leaf – All-leaf papers are usually made from tobacco or cannabis leaves, which gives them a unique flavor. These papers are thicker than hemp papers, so they’re better for experienced rollers.
  • Wired – Wired papers are made from a thin wire wrapped in paper. These papers are suitable for people who want to roll a joint, blunt, or spliff quickly.

Explore Your Options at a Trusted Dispensary in Miami, FL

After going through this comprehensive guide on rolling papers, you should have a good understanding of what they are and how to use them properly. Before choosing the right paper for you, consider all the factors mentioned above. This way, you can roll a good old-fashioned joint with the strains you get from your local dispensary in Miami, FL!

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