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A Beginner’s Guide to Mac 1 Strain

Being the perfect balance of 50% indica and 50% sativa, the Mac 1 Strain is one of the latest hybrids offered on the market. 

It is a boosted version of Miracle Alien Cookies, or Mac, meaning those who enjoyed the Mac strain in the first place would take pleasure in trying the Mac 1 strain, too. Many say that the strain is an enhanced version of the first-existing Mac, with very rich taste combined with amazing and strong effects. That’s why it might not be the right choice for the ones just starting their journey with cannabis.

This strain is satisfying in all aspects, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it might be worth the shot given its effects. Before you do that, the following information might come in handy in learning more about the Mac 1. 

Characteristics and Origin of Mac 1 Strain

As a hybrid, the Mac 1 is a cross of many different strains, including Alien Cookies, Colombia, OG Kush and Starfighter. The strain delivers a perfect balance of indica and sativa, and its genetics are highly valuable and come from a long generation of breeding. 

All strains contribute to the overall taste Mac1 delivers. It is very rich in smell and taste – as soon as you inhale it, your body will relax to the fullest whereas your mind will feel ecstatic. Since it is a potent mixture of indica and sativa, the strain comes in the form of dense buds in no particular shape. 

It contains a rich THC level of 20-23%, with very strong hits and fast highs. While most hybrids come in a significant color, the Mac 1 can be found in a range of colors, with its buds sometimes looking sublime. 

A nice session of Mac 1 will make you feel:

  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric
  • Energetic
  • Joyful

It comes as a combination of butter, citrus and vanilla flavor. Its aroma is a brew of sweet and spicy and does not carry a heavy smell. If you are keen on trying the Mac 1, you can always search for a dispensary near me online and find suitable providers in your area. 

Effects and Advantages of Mac 1 

As the latest hybrid in the game, the Mac 1 has been designed with effects that would satisfy you from the first try. Also, the strain is helpful in relieving discomforts and treating conditions like stress, anxiety and mood swings. Ideally, it can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes, and you can easily purchase it online or at a recreational dispensary near me.


The effects this strain brings to the table are quite positive. Yet, as mentioned in the beginning, it might be a strong hit for someone who is just starting their journey with cannabis. When it comes to its sativa-related effects, the Mac 1 makes for a superb blend of happiness and relief. Any moodiness or unfavorable feelings are lifted on the spot, so be prepared to transform into a social butterfly and mingle. 

If anyone wants their creative side awakened, this hybrid provides not only that – but a heightened focus as well. The indica part of this strain provides high-end cravings but it is recommended you keep your portions and sweets intake balanced nonetheless. The equal share of the indica and sativa brings out the best of both worlds and makes the strain a highly favored one.

Medicinal Aid

You have heard that cannabis has numerous medicinal purposes, too. Each hybrid is good for managing specific discomforts and health issues. And so, the Mac 1 is beneficial for treating the following conditions:


  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Before you decide to use this strain as a way to find relief, however, always consult with a medical professional, especially if you are suffering from a more serious illness. The strain is low in CBD, yet if consumed with edibles, their CBD mixed with the hybrid’s THC content might provide for greater comfort.

Cultivating the Mac 1 Strain

The Mac 1 seeds are not the easiest to find, and cultivating your own marijuana tree might be illegal where you live. Consequently, very few people can grow this strain. When it is cultivated, the tree grows tall and requires a wide area to thrive. This strain is a slow-grower and it takes approximately 10 weeks for the harvest to start. It can grow both:


  • Indoors – with the SOG method
  • Outdoors – with plenty of sunlight and heat

If you cannot grow the strain in your area, you can always try researching a marijuana dispensary near me.

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