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Mimosa Strain – More Refreshing than the Cocktail

Chilled sparkling wine and orange juice in a glass – does a bubbly Mimosa cocktail come to mind? Far from cocktails and fruity Mimosa drinks, this staple name has also found its use in the world of cannabis and in the shape of the Mimosa strain

If you are one of those that struggle to get up in the morning and want a fresh morning start, mimosa strain can be a solution for you. With 70% Sativa strain domination, you will get too high very easily, but still, keep your focus and energy levels.

Many hybrid strains are available at a dispensary near me, but this one stands out for many reasons, among which is its amazing wake and bake effects. Keep reading to learn more about what makes the  Mimosa strain so special and popular. 

Mimosa Strain Genetics

The Mimosa is a hybrid marijuana strain where Sativa dominates with 70% and 30% belonging to Indica content. It is made by crossing Clementine and Purple Punch, so sometimes you may find Mimosa under the name Purple Mimosa. The dense nugs with olive green color have shiny milky white trichomes and dark amber hairs growing over the buds.

CBD level in mimosa is modest and at about 0.05%. On the other side, the THC levels can reach up to 30%, making the mimosa strain one of the most potent options. It is still recommended for newbies, although being cautious and not overestimating your powers is a must. On the other hand, seasoned smokers who are used to the high THC of these strains can enjoy its fast and furious effects and ride the wave of serenity.  

Mimosa Strain Look and Flavor

The unique tangerine flavor of the Mimosa comes from the parent strain Clementine. The same goes for the presence of the limonene beta-caryophyllene and linalool terpenes, both of which give the Mimosa its aroma. Noticeable sour notes give the strain a robust sweet and sour smell and an earthy aroma. 

Wake and Bake Hybrid in Dispensaries Near Me

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Mimosa strain will give you the relaxation effect you like from marijuana. It takes some time to feel the first effect since it comes in about 15 or 20 minutes of smoking it. But once it hits you right, the sensation grows from there. 

Unlike those with a couch-lock effect, the Mimosa strain will make you feel energized, uplifted, happy, and focused. It’s funny how people describe the effect, noting that even after their hit, they still retained their focus, clarity, creativity, and mental balance. So, going to bed under the influence of this strain is unlikely to occur. But if you need it to sharpen your mind, the Mimosa works amazingly in your favor. 

Don’t let the strain’s taste and initial uplifting hit fool you. If you end up taking more than recommended, you will most certainly head for a nap, despite that not being the primary function of the strain. 

Mimosa Strain Medical Benefits

Mimosa strain has some medical positive effects, which is why it is in demand. Mimosa will relieve your headaches and migraines and leave you in a superb mood. Those who suffer from ADHD and ADD love mimosa strain because it calms them down and keeps their focus in shape during the day. A puff of mimosa can help with symptoms of depression and stress and will work up your cravings.

So, if your appetite is low and you need to munch more, the Mimosa has you covered. The best period during the day to play with the Mimosa is in the morning or during the daytime when you need to keep a clear mind.  

As always, take extra care and hydrate, otherwise, your mouth might run dry. 

Grow or Buy the Mimosa Strain

You can choose where to grow mimosa, indoors or outdoors. Plants growing outside will be ready for harvest in the middle of October or shortly after. For the indoor growing method, the average flowering time takes about 60 days. If you are satisfied with a medium level of THC content, you can grow the Mimosa at home without difficulties.

To get a high-quality mimosa strain with 27% or even up to 30% THC and get the full potential of terpenes, you will need some knowledge and techniques. A highly nutritious soil is recommended to nourish the plant while moving through different growth stages.

If you are located in Miami, you have the option to find the closest dispensary near me and buy on-site or via their online cannabis shop in Miami

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