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Ice Cream Cake Strain for Quality Sleep and More

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep during the night? You are not alone, as 10-30% of the world’s population suffers from insomnia. It is more present in women, and in the last 2 decades, it has increased 11-fold in the US.

While conventional medicine can help with insomnia, weed is an alternative as long as it is approved and recommended by a doctor. For such a condition, not every weed will give the required effect due to the strain the weed is made of.

Ice cream cake strain is a hybrid that provides the effect of deep relaxation of body and mind. Let’s see where this effect comes from and where you can find a dispensary near me to purchase authentic, high-quality weed.

Stress and Insomnia Solution 

The medical effects of weed are already proven and tested. The Ice cream cake strain is a 75% Indica strain and 25% Sativa strain. Its Indica strain is made by crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato#33, both hybrid strains of their own.

The ice cream cake strain contains 20-30% THC, and mainly derives from an Indica strain. It also contains up to 1,3% CBD and 1% CBG, much more than other strains. Thanks to the last two components, this strain has positive medical effects on some diseases and conditions. It is mostly recommended for stress release, physical and mental, and sleeping disorders. 

Perfect Limonene and Vanilla Mix

The taste of ice cream cake is strong and noted thanks to the terpenes present in the strain. Limonene terpene gives the citrus-like after-taste, while the sweet vanilla flavor is a result of a combination of other terpenes. You’ll get vanilla and citrus-like flavors and if smoking from a bong, the sweet and citrus flavor will kick in after your first hit.

You can recognize the authentic ice cream cake strain by its deep purple shades, many crystals that occur due to trichomes, as well as its orange and silver pistols. All this is a result of the strain’s specific cultivation technique. As long as there are crystals, and orange and purple hues dominate, the weed is superb to use. Orange and silver pistils are mandatory because they are coming from the genetics of the ice cream cake strain

The Beauty of Relaxation Journey

Close-Up Photo of Weed Grinder on Tray

The sweetie flavor of the ice cream cake strain is followed by a beautiful high journey. It combines the effects of both its Indica and Sativa strains. The Indica strain effect is experienced first and begins with uplifting your mind to pure happiness whilst also easing and relaxing your body. You will get rid of all your negative or competitive thoughts at once.

Once the body is relaxed, you will begin to experience the fall-deep stage. Here, you can expect a couch-lock state which can be very relaxing and sedative – ideal for proper rest.  

The beauty of Ice cream cake is in the THC combination. This allows you to share a puff with others and socialize when smoking this strain. You will enjoy watching movies, listening to music or being creative and interactive. The strain is also recommended as an after-work stress relief. 

Medicinal Powers

The calming effects of ice cream cake strain are suitable for those who suffer from depression, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea or appetite loss. It can also improve creativity and build happiness. If you need cannabis for medicinal purposes, the ice cream cake will give you both sweetness and effects. Yet, recreationally, it might be a bit too much for newbies. Still, when taken moderately, its calming effects will make you feel cozy and uplifted. Nighttime is the best time for consumption because of the calming effect you’ll get.

If you are smoking this weed for the first time, you might feel dizzy. Don’t forget to consume water, because of the dry mouth or thirst effect you might experience. 

Grow at Home or Buy at a Recreational Dispensary Near Me

The Indica strain, dominant in the ice cream cake strain, grows 3-6 feet tall and is suitable for indoor growth, with proper light and tent coverage. It flower faster than other strains, over an 8-9 week period. The yield depends on the space, light, nutrition and technical skills. Still, heavy trichomes and purple hues are secrets of a well-grown ice cream cake strain, which can make cultivating it a hard task. Instead of spending time experimenting and being disappointed, find out availability in dispensaries near me.

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