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Lilac Diesel Strain: All There Is To Know

There’s a new it strain in town: the Lilac Diesel strain. The flavorful daytime marijuana helps you relax without losing energy. Reportedly, Lilac Diesel can aid with lessening physical pain, inflammation, lack of sleep, and decreased appetite.

With all the different strains available on the market, cannabis users might just feel overwhelmed by all the choices. From Acapulco Gold to Blue Dream to Bubba Kush, the choices for kickstarting your day or chilling out are truly endless.

If you already feel like trying this strain and ask yourself, “Are there dispensaries near me?” continue reading as we unveil all the details surrounding the Lilac Diesel strain.

The Genetics of the Lilac Diesel Strain

The Lilac Diesel strain incorporates the best of both worlds. It can relax you without flopping your buzz and have you slouching all day. Intended for both daytime and all-around use, the Lilac Diesel is slowly becoming a fan favorite among adults in Florida.

Now, for the genetics part, the Lilac Diesel is a hybrid strain of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa; it is a cross between the Silver Lemon Haze mixed with the Forbidden Fruit, the NYC Cherry Pie strain, and Citral Glue strain. Thanks to all the different strains, the Lilac Diesel is a distinguishingly flavored strain with a unique scent and highs.

The Breakdown of Strains

To break it down even further, here’s what each marijuana strain brings to the table:

  • The Silver Lemon Haze brings in the prevailing Sativa feel, boosted with a citric blow;
  • The Forbidden Fruit delivers Lilac Diesel’s fruity taste and rich body high;
  • The NYX Cherry Pie strain influences the Lilac Diesel with the gassy diesel feel along with the hint of sweet cherries, delivering a powerful yet balanced ecstatic feeling;
  • The Citral Glue is what gives the Lilac Diesel its less pleasant skunky scent, but it wraps it up nicely with its earthy and diesel aromas and taste.

The Flavor Palette of the Lilac Diesel Strain

Abundant in enjoyable aromas, this strain packs a powerful flavor punch. A mix of citrus and fruits and delighting floral hints go nice with the strain’s earthy, herbal, and gassy traits.

The trademark of the Lilac Diesel is its lavender kick. The moment you open the pack, your senses will be caressed by the entrancing fragrance.

The Lilac Diesel strain contains three main terpenes:


In general, Terpinolene is one of the most common terpenes, but it’s not always found in large quantities. With the Lilac Diesel strain, however, it’s the most prevalent one. Terpinolene is the terpene that contributes to the piney, floral, and even citrusy taste of cannabis.


The myrcene terpene gives off herbal, earthy tastes. It’s mostly accredited for its relaxing properties and is the most present terpene in cannabis strains. The Lilac Diesel’s herbal flavor tones are accredited to myrcene.


The Lilac Diesel contains the caryophyllene terpene to enrich the strain with peppery notes and a pleasant earthy taste.

lilac diesel strain

Using the Lilac Diesel Strain

Essentially, the Lilac Diesel offers a pleasant smoking experience. First-timers can also enjoy the strain; it won’t overwhelm them since it doesn’t hit too hard.

The uplifting properties of this particular strain are due to the THC levels being present at the lower end. The Lilac Diesel is the ultimate choice of strain for those who wish to feel the buzz of marijuana and enhance their creativity, mood, and energy without winding down too hard.

Marijuana aficionados choose the Lilac Diesel for sharpened focus and brain stimulation. Other than being an uplifting stimulant, users like this particular strain because it covers some therapeutic angles, as well, like:

  • Weariness;
  • Social anxiety;
  • Brain fog;
  • Mild forms of depression;
  • and mood swings

For those asking, “Is there a recreational dispensary near me?” the answer is yes. Check out KushMia’s website and browse through all the goodies.

Both Sides of Smoking the Lilac Diesel Strain

However, not everyone can tolerate a marijuana strain the same.

Some users have reported that the Lilac Diesel has made them experience a rather abrupt increase in appetite, making this particular hybrid a fine choice for recreational marijuana users with appetite issues.

Plus, cancer patients undergoing chemo and struggling to control nausea have reported that Lilac Diesel has helped them keep things in check.

Since no two strains are alike, marijuana smokers experience different traits. For instance, there have been cases of users experiencing panic attacks after smoking a blunt of the Lilac Diesel.

Extroverts are also known to not handle the Lilac Diesel ride all too well. If you’re a talkative, energetic person, you might want to try a more relaxed strain than the Lilac Diesel.

Is There a Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

“Is there a dispensary near me?” If you’re wondering about it, the good news is yes.

Depending on your preferences, reach out to KushMia to explore a number of different strains. Our Miami dispensary has all kinds of strains, from ones delivering calmness and serenity like the Skywalker OG pre-roll to some that’ll have you erupting with energy like the Jellybean hybrid strain. Get in touch.

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