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High in Love: 420-Friendly Date Ideas You Should Try and Weed Delivery Miami

While you may think that it’s hard to find someone who shares your passion for cannabis, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Overall perception toward weed and its byproducts has improved over the last couple of years, and weed delivery in Miami is quickly becoming a convenient way to enjoy cannabis.

Let’s say you found someone who also shares your passion for cannabis. While that’s a good sign for you, just spending your date nights at home is far from ideal. Variety is the spice of life, and finding new ways to enjoy your time with your partner will help make your relationship stronger.

What better way to bond with your partner than to go on a date to celebrate 420? This piece will give you a couple of date ideas that you and your partner can try while high on quality weed. Your partner will be likely after being taken to one of these weed-friendly dates as it’s not something that you may have done often.

Go on a Hike

Weed is a natural substance, so what better way to enjoy it with your partner than taking a trek up close to the clouds?

Have a weed delivered and start looking for a nearby nature trail that is friendly to cannabis users and plan a walk amongst the greenery in Miami. You can also go to nearby parks like Simpson Park and Kennedy Park to just take a walk with your loved one.

Another romantic spot to take your lover on a walk is Miami Beach. Since you’re already in a city with one of the nicest beaches in the country, why not make the most of it?

Wine Tasting

Do you want something a little more sophisticated for your 420 date? Going to a wine tasting is something that we more than recommend you and your partner to try out!

While Florida isn’t particularly known for producing quality wine, there are at least three wineries that are within driving distance from the city. Taking a day trip and ingesting a cannabis product before tasting quality wine is something that we recommend you and your partner try at least once.

However, keep in mind that wine enhances the effects of cannabis, so proceed with caution if you and your partner aren’t used to pairing them.

couple at a movie theater

Go to a Local Movie Theater

Spending a nice evening watching stoner flicks on your Netflix account is a great way to spend time with your cannabis-loving partner. However, we can all agree that the past couple of years has given us more than enough time to spend out of the house.

There’s always something special about watching films in a theater. The spectacle it provides, the stunning visuals, and the booming sounds that only movie theaters can provide make for an unforgettable 420 date.

Engage Your Creative Side

Ever had the urge to create something while on cannabis? Doing just that might become a great date idea for you and your partner to take on!

A painting class is one of the things you should try to do while you’re on that cannabis high. Whether the instructor’s your local art teacher or Bob Ross, trying to create beautiful imagery with a paintbrush will create wonderful memories for you and your partner.

There are also other art forms for you to try. Pottery, sewing, poetry, and songwriting are other creative ventures you and your partner can try together. While the results may not win you awards any time soon, you and your partner get to create something that’s proudly and uniquely yours.

Have a Date Under the Stars

If you think your partner’s eyes shine brighter than the stars in the sky, it may be high time to take them on a date underneath the stars. Nothing can match the euphoria you can feel stargazing with your SO while baked on the best weed products available.

It’s easy to assume that there’s no viable spot in the metro to stargaze, but Alligator Alley is only one of many havens in the city that allows you to go stargazing. If you and your partner don’t feel like spending time underneath the moonlight, you can always go to the nearest planetarium.

weed delivery miami

Go to a Concert

Listening to good music is a great way of enjoying your high. If you and your partner have an artist or band you love listening to, going to one of their concerts while eating a space brownie or two is a great idea.

Not only do you get to spend time outdoors with your loved one, but you are surrounded by sounds you love. Only a few things can beat the sensation you will feel while on such a date.

Play Truth or Dare at home and have weed delivery in Miami FL

When you compare this entry to the previous items on this list, it’s easy to dismiss it as a boring option. It’s something that you can easily do at home, so its appeal can understandably be lost on you.

However, if you want to get closer and learn more about your lover, playing Truth or Dare while high is a must.

Beach Cruise

You’re in Miami, one of the nicest beach cities in the world. It would be a wasted opportunity to not go on a beach cruise with your stoner lover every once in a while.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be taking a day or night cruise: all that’s important is that you’re with your lover on the wonderfully warm waters of South Beach.

Enjoy 420 with Your Partner

These are only some of the activities you and your partner can do together on 420. While it may be tempting to do them all, remember that it’s your and your partner’s happiness that matters. As long as you’re both happy together, anything you two do will be a great experience.

If you’re looking for quality medical marijuana products, talk to the experts at KushMia. We specialize in weed delivery and have many satisfied Miami customers. Get in touch to learn more about our products and services we offer.

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