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Your Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Flower for Your Next Dispensary Run

Nowadays, the great news is that we can explore everything about a cannabis flower and choose the best from a reputable provider. Visiting a top-quality marijuana dispensary opens the doors to discovering new strains and experiencing unforgettable hits. 

Did you know that the origins of marijuana in the United States date from the 17th century? 

Purchasing good marijuana in the days before legalization used to be a struggle, especially given the unknown quality and growing techniques of the purchased product.

To learn more about cannabis flower before you hit the dispensary, here is a handy guide to take you through all steps, tips and recommendations. 

Weed Dispensary – What are Strains?


Depending on the effect, characteristics, and ways of production, cannabis strains represent genetic variants of cannabis sativa and/or cannabis indica, both native to different geolocations. Besides indica and sativa, the hybrid strain is widely used since it represents a mixed effect of the aforementioned two. 

For example, indica is usually used for pain relief and treating insomnia, anxiety and reduced appetite.
On the flip side, sativas have a more energizing and uplifting effect. Strains are technically hybrids that boast different effects and can be easily found in a marijuana dispensary.

Marijuana Dispensary – Difference between Strains


If you researched cannabis strains, you’ve probably come across the word “terpenes“. Experienced users know they provide the best taste, experience, and smell for each individual marijuana strain. 

What Do Terpenes Do?


Terpenes’ job is more complex than you think. They give oils to the cannabis flower, improving the aroma and flavor and delivering psychoactive and medical properties. Even though some strains have the same structure, their different terpenes can produce other effects. 

Types of Terpenes


Every plant on earth contains specific terpene, from fruits to your favorite cannabis flower. For example, Myrcene has strong citrus notes, and it causes feelings of euphoria. On the other side, Limonene is found in limes and lemons, and it gives you an uplifting sativa feeling. Pinene is one of the main terpenes in cannabis indica; it smells like Lavender and pine and causes a relaxing effect. Similarly, Lavender has a sedative effect and a beyond soothing smell. 

Next time you visit a marijuana dispensary, put your smell to work and sniff on different strains. Take a note of how some scents make you feel, and pick your ideal strain based on preference. 

How To Choose the Best Strain from a Marijuana Dispensary?

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Some say that you choose the best strain. Others note that the perfect strain chooses you. But since each individual has different tolerance and goals, everyone will react differently to a particular strain. 

Terpenes achieve nuanced effects, and our bodies react when we inhale and smell them. The body will also viscerally respond to the strain you are smelling, and cause you to filter out the beneficial smells from those you don’t like. 

Salivating indicates that a particular strain does your body good. But if you smell some weed that makes you uncomfortable, your body will immediately cringe. 

Quality is Not Just THC


Did you know that the top marijuana flower does not always have the highest THC? 

Besides THC, cannabis has complex compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids. These mixed compounds form the famous entourage effect and together give a potent high and unforgettable experience. 

If the flower has more THC and lacks cannabinoids and terpenes, it will likely produce an anxiety-filled experience. If the product is more expensive, you are most likely paying for cannabinoids and terpenes, not THC. 

Unfortunately, you will rarely find these components on the label, so it can be hard to determine what exactly you are buying. 

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

The two main cannabis strains are indica and sativa but there are also hybrids of the two.  

  • Sativa is a tall-growing plant with pale and thin leaves that produces a more potent high effect and gives a more exciting and energetic experience. 
  • Indica is a shorter and bushier plant with dark green and broad leaves that has a more sedative and relaxing experience, known as the “couch-looked” effect. 
  • Hybrid strains are a combination of indica and sativa strains. Sometimes, the hybrid will be either Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant, or it might have an equal ratio of both.

Depending on the geolocation and environment, cannabis plants can grow either like sativa or indica. Chemical testing distinguishes these two strains But even tested, they can have a similar cannabinoid-terpene profile. 

Since the marijuana flower can significantly influence the effect, the indica, sativa, or hybrid labeling and generalization are sometimes useless.

Marijuana Dispensary – What is Cannabis Flower?


The consumable part of the marijuana plant is called the cannabis flower. Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning it can be either female or male. 

The flower that we all use for recreational or medical purposes is the female plant. This means that you will hardly find the male plant in a marijuana dispensary

The trichome-covered part contains cannabinoids and other compounds. It is produced from clusters, also known as colas, and that is the part that is sold in dispensaries. 

Anatomy of the Cannabis Flower

Let’s clear things up: bud and flower are the same thing. You don’t need to know the anatomy of the cannabis flower to enjoy marijuana, but knowing more will help you learn which cannabis flower best fits your needs. To start, let’s delve deeper into the anatomy of the cannabis flower, its role, and consumption effects.  


The white crystals placed on top of the weed flower are called trichomes. Trichomes contain active compounds like THC, CBD, and terpenes. The primary function of these white crystals is to protect the plant while growing from pests and frost. Based on trichomes, growers indicate the potency of cannabis and decide whether the plant is ready for harvest or not. 


Bracts appear like small leaves and encapsulate the clusters to protect the seeds and the weed flower.
They make the most mass of a marijuana flower and refer to the actual flower. 


Calyx contains miniature leaves designed so that your plants enter the blooming phase. Its primary function is to protect the flower’s base during growing. Another function is that calyx produces cannabinoids that influence the effect when consumed.

Sugar Leaves

Sugar leaves are located at the base of the bud and look like tiny leaves. The name comes from the white-colored surface coat of trichomes. Some growers decide to remove them, while others leave them to help with the drying phase. 

How to Use Cannabis Flower


Now that you have a good fund of knowledge about marijuana flower, let’s discuss how to consume it. 

Smoking with Papers

This old-school way of consuming never goes out of style. Firstly, you will need to grind the cannabis and then pack it into rolling papers. 

Joints are an iconic part of the marijuana world; however, if you are looking for a new alternative to amp up your cannabis experience, there are numerous methods of doing it. 


If you are feeling too lazy or you are a beginner to roll your joint, pre-rolled joints are the perfect choice for you. In the past, before legal dispensaries existed, consumers had no other choice than roll their own joints. Nowadays, you can find pre-rolls everywhere, and the main benefit is that they are easily portable and save time. 

Pipes and Bongs

Pipes and bongs come in all shapes and sizes. If you are bored with the old ways of consuming weed, these devices will bring you a new unforgettable experience. They come with water chambers that make it easier to inhale. 

You can even craft them at your home with your homemade supplies. However, our friendly reminder is to save some money and buy real bongs and pipes since the crafted homemade devices can lead to many harmful effects. Also, note that pipes and bongs might not be the most suitable for beginners. 


Lately, vaporizers have become very popular in the marijuana world since they are easy to use and are a much healthier alternative for cannabis users. They convert the dry flower into vapor to make it inhalable.

Vaporizers were invented as a healthier method of smoking tobacco. But as time passed they also found their place in the marijuana world. Marijuana smoke contains a low amount of carcinogens and toxins, so vaporizers have become one of the safest, most enjoyable, and convenient ways to smoke marijuana.

These electronic devices use high temperatures, so make sure you grind your weed before vaporizing it.

The good news is that the bud will be reheated multiple times so it lasts longer, which ultimately saves you money and product. 


If you cannot smoke for some reason, you can use your cooking skills and make homemade cannabutter. You will be surprised by the numerous online recipes you have available.

This way of consuming weed includes shredding the cannabis in butter and cooking it for a few hours. If you are a beginner, you should lower the dose of cannabis. Once you start practicing this method of using cannabis, you will discover many great recipes for cookies and brownies. 

Weed Dispensary – How to Store the Cannabis Flower

To get the best experience from your cannabis flower and keep its quality, you must store your cannabis correctly. 

Follow this mini-guide on storing marijuana flower:

  • Light: Cannabis shouldn’t be exposed to UV light since it can damage the active components
  • Moisture: The ideal humidity level for storing cannabis is 55% to 65%. Humidity cannot be measured easily; therefore, it’s on you to find the balance.
  • Temperature: High temperature and humidity may cause mold in the cannabis flower, and additionally, terpenes can evaporate. Also, be aware of low temperatures since they can reduce the flower’s potency.

Store your cannabis flower in a container and keep it in the dark with minimal exposure to moisture, air, heat, and UV light. 

Marijuana Dispensary – Most Common Marijuana Flower Types

Despite learning the basics of a marijuana flower, it is wise to know that not every available flower is equal. 

Here are the most common forms of marijuana flower that you can purchase from a dispensary.


Trim describes the removed weed parts after harvesting, including little buds, trichomes, and sugar leaves. Trims are not used for smoking but they are great ingredients for making hash and edibles. 


Shake refers to the leftovers of the flower, or to be more exact, the particles that fall off during harvesting or packing. A low-grade shake doesn’t contain a flower and it only has leaves and stems. On the other side, a high-grade shake contains the flower. 

Popcorn Nugs 

Popcorn nugs represent smaller buds that didn’t grow to the fullest because of light deficiency. They lack light since they grow at the bottom of the plant. But you may experience the same effect as the one from larger buds. 

Premium Flower

Premium flower refers to fully grown A-grade cannabis buds. Opposite popcorn nugs, these buds develop at the top of the plant and have a higher amount of terpenes and trichomes, which leads to a better effect. 

Find Your Best Marijuana Dispensary! 

The beauty of modern marijuana dispensaries is that the choices are endless and there is the perfect cannabis flower for every type of consumer! 

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