Miami Marijuana Dispensary Products for Subtle Smoking

Marijuana smokers in Florida are finding themselves in a difficult position. While medical marijuana is now legal, smoking weed in public is not. This leaves many people wondering how they can enjoy their stash from their preferred Miami marijuana dispensary without calling too much attention to themselves.

The good thing is that stealth smoking is nothing new. It’s something that stoners have been doing for decades since the War on Drugs began. A few tools can help you keep your smoking low-key, most of which you can find at your local dispensary or online. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Miami Marijuana Dispensary Tool #1: One-Hitters

Using a one-hitter is one of the most popular ways to discreetly smoke marijuana, and for a good reason. These weed pipes are designed to look like cigarette sticks. They’re small, easy to use, and can usually be concealed in a subtle container.

For instance, the DART One-Hitter comes with a smell-proof canister that you can easily store in your pocket or keychain. This one-hitter lets you pack the tiny glass bowl, smoke weed, and click-to-ash within 15 seconds, making it possible to get your fix without drawing too much attention to yourself in public!

Miami Marijuana Dispensary Tool #2: Vape Pens

One of the most popular products for subtle smoking is the vape pen. Vaping weed is a great way to enjoy your THC without dealing with the lingering smell of marijuana smoke. Vape pens are also small and easy to conceal, making them perfect for smoking on the go.

The only downside to vape pens is that they can be pricey. However, many budtenders offer discounts on vape pens for first-time buyers as long as they present their medical marijuana cards, which is a must to buy from a licensed Miami marijuana dispensary.

Miami Marijuana Dispensary Tool #3: Sploofs

A sploof is a simple device that helps mask the smell of marijuana smoke. The Smokebuddy and Sploofy are only two brands of personal smoke filters that you can use. Simply take a hit of your joint or bong and then exhale into the sploof. The filter will do the rest, leaving the air around you smelling fresh and clean.

If you don’t want to buy one, you could also make it yourself. For this, you’ll need dryer sheets, a toilet paper tube, and some rubber bands. Sploofs are great for smoking at home, but you can also use them on the go. Remember to keep your sploof hidden away so that you don’t attract the wrong kind of attention.

Situations Where Having a Sploof is a Must:

  • If you live with roommates or family members who don’t appreciate the smell of marijuana smoke.
  • When smoking in a shared space, like an apartment complex, and have a strict landlord.
  • If you have asthma or another condition that could be aggravated by marijuana smoke.

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Tool #4: Edibles

Edibles are another great way to enjoy your weed without smoking it. Marijuana-infused edibles are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason. They’re a discreet way to get your THC fix, and they come in the form of gummies, candies, cookies, or even chocolate bars!

You can find a wide selection of edibles at your preferred Miami marijuana dispensary, but ask your budtender about recommended dosages before you purchase anything. The best way to consume your edibles is to start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you find the perfect amount for your needs.

Tool #5: Airtight Containers

Unlike the other tools on this list, you can find airtight containers almost anywhere. These are perfect for storing your weed so that the smell doesn’t seep out and attract unwanted attention. Plus, doing so will help keep your flower stash fresh for longer.

Some airtight containers, like the CVault, even come with a humidifier to keep your weed at the perfect moisture level. This is especially important for those in dry climates like Florida since dry weed can be quite harsh on the throat and lungs.

Tool #6: Discreet Clothing

This one is more of a tip than a tool, but it’s still worth mentioning. Wearing clothing that allows you to conceal your weed easily is a great way to keep your smoking on the down-low. For example, loose-fitting jeans with big pockets are perfect for hiding a vape pen or small weed container.

Or, if you’re feeling extra sneaky, you could try wearing a hoodie with a hidden pocket. This is a great way to keep your hands free while still being able to keep your weed close by. Just be careful not to look too suspicious, or you might attract the wrong kind of attention.

Shop Now at a Trusted Miami Marijuana Dispensary

When it comes to smoking weed discreetly, the most important thing is to be aware of your surroundings and always be prepared; otherwise, you might be fined. By following the tips and tools outlined in this article, you’ll enjoy getting stoned stealthily.

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