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Everything You Need to Know about Biscotti Strain

The Biscotti strain is a rare one, which says a lot about the unique experience it offers. With its sweet and spicy taste, the biscotti strain is an indica dominant hybrid. As its name suggests, it is a real dessert, and if you are looking for something you haven’t tried before, biscotti should be set on your shelves for the next time you crave a delight. 

With its recreational and medicinal usage, the 20-25% of THC it consists of is enough to satisfy your get-high or medical needs. Originally bred by Cookies Fam, today, this hybrid is a mixture of the Gelato 25 strain and the South Florida OG strain. 

If you haven’t tried the biscotti strain yet, maybe it is about time you put it on your must-try list.
The following information might be helpful before you enroll yourself in the experience. 

The Genetics of Biscotti Strain

The Biscotti is an 80% indica and 20% sativa strain, with indica being dominant over the effects it carries.
It gives a relaxing feeling, perfect for a leisure night or an after-work relief. If you feel like getting the strain to try from a marijuana dispensary near me, you will be granted a gratifying feeling and experience. 

The high THC content, sometimes up to 25%, is combined with the high concentration of trichomes the plant carries. The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, contained in the trichomes, together with the elevated THC level, are making the strain perfect for juices and liquid consumption of it. 

The biscotti strain is a strong combo of the Gelato 25 and South Florida OG. Although it braids the positive characteristics of both strain types, the BIscotti is still relatively new and undiscovered on the market. 

The Gelato 25

The Gelato 25 strain carries sweet and natural flavors, with a minty taste. It is 100% indica, its approximate THC level varies between 20-25%. At the same time, it can contain CBD levels up to 1.32%, offering a soothing and relaxing feeling. 

The South Florida OG

You can also come by this hybrid as Triangle Kush. It has the kush taste as the name refers and it is an indica hybrid with an approximate 20% of THC. It tends to get people more talkative, as it has the same calming effects and creativity boost as the Gelato 25.

By searching for a quality dispensaries near me, you can discover many trustworthy providers who offer this strain to try at home. 

The Many Effects of the Biscotti Strain

Green Kush on White Surface

Considering the THC level and indica dominance it boasts, this hybrid comes with a relaxing feeling, combined with a tingling effect and an ecstatic mood. You will need just a few puffs to enjoy its full effects.

Aside from the psychological feeling of relaxation that this strain provides, it also releases physical stress and any tension you might experience.

The buds of this strain are olive green, with shades of orange – which can work up your appetite for sweets. The smell is delicious and sugary, mixed with a spicy hint, which gives you the feeling of sweetness when consuming it. The high will give you a reason to be giddy as never before while you sit back and unwind. 

Medicinal Usage

The effects this strain offers allow it to be used for medicinal purposes as well. Consulting with a professional must always be done before consumption of the biscotti for medicinal use. 

Some of the conditions that can be eased with this strain are:


  • Stress / Chronic stress
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain (Arthritis)

The relief it provides has been shown to have positive effects on any of the conditions listed above. Asking yourself about recreational dispensaries near me would for sure get an answer with instant relief. 


This condition should be explained separately since the strain’s relaxing effects are shown to significantly help with reducing chronic pain. Aside from cannabis for arthritis, the strain helps regulate symptoms of other bone diseases as well – like joint pain. It is recommended for elder users and those who suffer from related conditions. 

The usage for this condition should be monitored, and prescribed by a licensed doctor. 

Different Biscotti Strains

There are quite a few varieties of biscotti strain that exist today. The color, shape, and effects it provides can differentiate, and you can choose from them according to what you feel you would like to enhance. 

The following are a few of the strain subtypes offered on the market:

  • Lemon Biscotti Strain
  • Blue Biscotti Strain
  • Purple Biscotti Strain
  • Biscotti OG
  • Gushers Kush Strain
  • Gelato Biscotti Strain
  • Biscotti Cookies Strain
  • Biscotti Cake Strain 

How Can I Find the Best Biscotti Strain From a Dispensary Near Me?

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