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Everything You Should Know About Weed Gummies

Cannabis has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States in the last few years, and edibles are an instrumental part of that growth. The sales of cannabis edibles in the U.S. in 2021 reached $3.6 billion, largely thanks to weed gummies.

Edibles can take on many different shapes and forms, and gummies are one way to get high gradually and safely.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make weed gummies and indulge in this delicacy, this is your chance to get the 101 on these mouth-watering edibles!

Carefully Read the Label

Weed gummies are some of the most fun-looking edibles available. They are colorful and usually sold as weed gummy bears – a favorite – but also as fruits or cannabis leaves.

Before you decide to take any kind of weed gummies, you should first read the label thoroughly. Confirm that the THC and CBD levels are adequate to your body weight and tolerance level and that you’ll be able to handle the trip without consequences.

Pay Attention to the Expiration Date

It may not seem like it, but weed gummies do have an expiration date, just like any other food or drink. So, if you’re wondering: how long do weed gummies last? Pay attention to the expiration date when you purchase the gummies and before you use them (if you’ve had them for a while). If you consume expired gummies, they will likely induce side effects like nausea and allergic reactions.

Effects from Edibles Last Longer Than Smoking Weed

Effects from Edibles Last Longer Than Smoking Weed

While the effects from edibles take their time to kick in compared to when you smoke weed, once they do – you’re in for a ride. Not only are the effects on your body stronger, but they also last much longer. That is why you should always take the suggested amount of gummies and wait for them to do their magic before taking more.

Making Weed Gummies

If you’ve been wondering how to make weed gummies – the process is quite simple. You just need cannabis tincture or oil, gelatin, and hot water. Add the cannabis after the gelatin has been mixed with water, and then put the mixture in molds and let it cool for two hours. Once the gummies have been sufficiently chilled, you should store them in an airtight container to preserve their powers and prolong their lifetime.

Do Not Mix With Alcohol

Cannabis should not be mixed with alcohol under any circumstances, and weed gummies are no exception. While weed gummies might not seem that potent, taking them while drinking alcohol could have disastrous consequences. If you and your friend are testing your newest weed gummy purchase, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.

Be Wary of Gummies and Meds

If you are on any prescribed medication at the moment, you should do your research before taking weed gummies. Edibles can interfere with the effects of the drug, making them dangerously potent.

Some examples include:

  • Anti-anxiety and depression meds
  • Sedatives
  • Pain killers

That is why you should look into the meds you are taking and how they could react when mixed with weed gummies. If you feel unsure, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Pay Attention to the Dosage

Weed gummies can be incredibly potent, especially if you are a novice in the use of cannabis. Always start slow with your gummy consumption until you’ve built some tolerance.

The suggested dosage for a first-time weed gummy user is between 1mg and 3mg. Once you’ve gained a tolerance to the weed gummies, you can take up to 10mg at once – which can give you quite a kick.

Don’t Take Gummies Too Often

While gummies are an excellent snack to munch on, you should be careful not to do it too much. If you start to take weed gummies every day, you’ll have to deal with the side effects eventually.

You may notice:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations.

While none of these symptoms are life-threatening per se, they will gradually worsen if you overstep the recommended cannabis dosage.

Know Your Types

The cannabis market is flooded with countless variations of weed gummies, and there is always something new to be discovered. However, you should know what you like and dislike in terms of taste and potency. Some gummies cause a relaxed feeling, while others produce a euphoric one.

Before you purchase and consume weed gummies, do your research and decide whether you prefer the sweet, sour, or savory taste. Just like you should figure out precisely what kind of high you’re hoping the gummies will provide.

Check Your State’s Laws

Weed gummies are part of the wave of cannabis legalization nationwide. While they have been legalized in plenty of places, there are certain states where consuming weed gummies is entirely illegal, such as Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, and South Carolina. Other states, like Nebraska and North Carolina, only permit using cannabis for medical purposes.

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