Learn How To Digital Pay Via XRP or XLM Token



We are now taking Payment via XRP and XLM, the future of Digital Payment!

Crypto is the future of digital payment !

We are happy to now take these token assets as payment from our Customers!

Minimum orders with our Token Payment system start at $40.00!

So if you’re sick of going to the ATM to pull cash out to do business with us, this new payment system is for you! Just got to make sure your purchase is $40.00 or greater!

Telegram Message us here to talk with Dispatch @southfl420

Buy your XRP token at  ==> ” Coinbase.com hyper link. ”

1. Get your account set up on Coinbase.com

2. Connect your Debt Checking card to Coinbase and make purchase of XRP tokens equal to the same value of the order you would like purchase.

3. After obtaining the correct about of XRP tokens to make your payment message our dispatch team on Telegram letting us know you are ready to make payment! Once making contact with our Dispatch team they will give you our payment wallet address.

4. Once you have our wallet address after getting it from our dispatch team on telegram proceed to make payment to us.

5. Once your payment is completed , screenshot us your transaction completion  page to our dispatcher on Telegram,  showing us that your transaction is completed!

6. After we have received your XRP we will process your order and send it out!

This process is very easy after you get the hang of it and understand how to use Crypto!  Get use to Crypto payments, this is our future!

Here is a link to a Youtube Channel that will teach you how to use Coinbase.com to send tokens.

Link 1 =======> Youtube Class ====> “Hyper link1”.
Link 2 =======> Youtube Class ====> “Hyper link 2

Telegram Message us here to talk with Dispatch @southfl420